• Located inside the 6-hectare venue.
  • They can accommodate from four to six guests.
  • Dos dormitorios con camas King Size Soummiers single ó doble.
  • Two bedrooms with king-size spring box beds, single or double.
  • Living-room and dining-room - Sitting-room with futon.
  • Full kitchen with oven and grill.
  • Two bathrooms, one of them en-suite - All Whirlpool.
  • Fireplace, heating and ceiling fans.
  • Telephone - Cable TV - DVD player - Wi-Fi Internet A-B-G (2.4/5.8)
  • Deck with grill.
  • Screened gallery and carport.
  • Breakfast buffet and housekeeping.
  • Cajas de seguridad
  • Fire and burglar alarm.

Information and Reservations:
Te: 0291-4915262


Sustainalbe tourist accommodation venue,
granted by OPDS